writing an simple UML editor

Hi all!

I would like to create a very simple UML editor but I don't know how I should start it. Firstly I create a dialog program and I will draw the items.
- Should I create a custom control that is based on bitmap? And should I draw a frame, header part, class name, attributes etc?
-Or should I create a custom control that is based on cwnd / cframewnd?

If you could give me an advice I would be happy.
You could start by programming a generic graph Editor, a program that would allow to put nodes (classes in a class diagram, or packages, or states, actor,...) and link them.
Then Improve the links between nodes to represent aggrgation symbols, composition symbols, etc
Then, improve nodes to have different images, attributes, etc..
Then, implement UML rules in the graph edition process

The choice of the graphical library is yours

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