Data Structure Help?

Hello, Im beginning using Visual Studio to develop games, I plan on making a top down tile based RPG, however, Im having trouble deciding on a Data Structure to house the tiles, I used an array for now, however, I would like a data structure I can easily add to the size, something along the lines of a C++ Vector, but 2d, Thank You
If you are making a top-down map, I don't think you'd really need to expand the map much, would you?

And it would also be hard to figure out how you are adding stuff; Do you add rows? Columns? Some of both? It seems like it'd be a mess to figure out honestly.
You could just over-allocate the map array. The excess tiles would be vacant until you wish to fill them.
In the end I went with a List<List<Tile>>, an array would probably have been betteer but the optimist in me hopes I get the game to a point where I need the extra space :), thank you all
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