Why we need winbase.h file in our project.... i want to learn basics of multithreading so can u suggest me any book or ebook????
Winbase.h should not be directly #included in any of your files. What you #include is Windows.h. As for multi threading books, I don't know.
I'm not sure there's enough to multi-threading to warrent an entire book. Unless you go into way too much detail like what the schedular is actually doing but at that point you're talking about Computer Science and not really programming.

The biggest problem that people seem to have is identifying Race Conditions:
That's a pretty good introductory article about them. After you have that part down then the syntax for "CreateThread(...)" isn't that much different from "CreateProcess(...)".
I think "Windows via C/C++" (by Jeffrey M. Richter and Christophe Nasarre) might be worth a look.

It covers threading, and mutexes, semaphores, critical sections, etc, and assorted other topics.

I found its precursor -- Advanced Windows (which is C only) -- very helpful when I started to work with WIN32.

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Is this Win32 is for graphics???
bcs may b i have to work for one gui based project in c,c++;
Are you talking about the books or the header? Windows.h is used for both console apps and GUI apps.
@all i just want small help about how to develop gui project in c
Search for a Windows tutorial then. Most people recommend the one @ It is good for the most part, but it fails to show the proper usage of the Win32 functions in regards to the differences between Unicode and ANSI. Specifically, the program does it wrong, assuming you want ANSI.

After you understand the basics of Windows programming, come back to get an explanation of why the tutorial is wrong about this and how's the correct way of doing it.
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