Hi. My program has two dialogs, main and sub.
Once i click a button, sub dlg will be shown up.
Here is code.
SubDlg dlg;

I want the sub dlg to be on TOP_MOST of all windows on the desk top.
So, I did like this,
CRect rt;
::SendMessaage(dlg.GetSafeHwnd(), HWND_TOPMOST, rt.left,, rt.width(), rt.height());
However, it didn't work. I mean, the sendmessage might not work.

What's the problem?? When I sendMessage with main Dlg, it works.

Any Idea?

You don't use SendMessage() for that. I guess you mixed up. I guess you meant SetWindowPos(): .
You have to do the call to SetWindowPos() AFTER the dialog box window has been created (so you can get a handle, but BEFORE you enter the modal loop. I guess the best place would be during initialization? This looks like MFC, so see of that works for you.
You sound like not possible for the dialog to be on top of Windows by using SendMessage().
So, I need to call SetWindowsPos() after creatin dialog box.
Thank you, webJose.
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