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I am trying to write a program to see how much time students spend on different websites throughout the school-day and on school computers. My question is how could I write a program to detect what site they were on? Is there a way to attach code I have written to the browser? I have worked with threads within my own programs, but I would like to know how to access threads of other programs. Please tell me if this is feasible!

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Put your money on BHO's for Internet Explorer or browser extensions for FireFox and Chrome or any other in use at your school. Attempting to do this differently would be extremely difficult. Or maybe not so difficult if you are good at sockets.

And now that I remember, there's a new framework in recent Windows OS'.... WFP or Windows Filtering Platform. . See if you would like to use that. I hear you can create firewalls with that, so I suppose it can also be used for auditing.
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