how to run C++ for linux in windows


I have a cpp file which runs in linux but I want to run it in visual c++ in windows.

I searched in google and I found some instructions to make changes in project properties but I still have errors!

Can any one tell me what are the general steps that I need to do??

Thank you,,,

You may need to fix the errors one by one. API's, header files in linux and windows maybe different. Search for corresponding windows api and fix it.
If you don't want to do a full port to the WinAPI, you could take a look at Cygwin.
Thanks pradeep thomas for sharing. I done it but still errors there. Now, what i do?
Thank you pradeep thomas and Athar,

Actually, I haven't used linux before and my experience is not very good in visual c++

The errors I'm getting now are all in linking :

"error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol ..."

so I thought I need just to make changes in project configurations??

Well, Athar I want to fully port to the WinAPI bcz this cpp file is not my file it is open source and I want to make changes on it.

I will give the file link and you can find some explanation there:

as you can see it requires lemur toolkit which I've already installed (for windows) but still can't run PLMRetEval.cpp.

I hope you can tell me what should I do???

Thank you for your time...

Well, on first glance the code doesn't seem to contain anything Linux-specific.
You just need the mentioned library. There are instructions on how to build it with VS:
Yes Athar I saw the instructions and I tried to run lemur but I couldn't!

in fact I'm not sure if I'm following instructions in the right way, I'm not good in that I used only to build small projects before.

If you can try that and tell me if it works I would highly appreciate that...

Thank you Athar,,,
any help please??

It maybe easy but I'm not good in c++ and I want to learn how to do it...

Thank you
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