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I'm trying to pracitce coding at school, but the computers have an admin lock and i dont know the password so I cant download any C++ compilers or IDE's.

The Java IDE Eclipse works here, but thats all i could get to work.

So im wondering if there is a C++ IDE/Compiler that is like Eclispe that i could use without being asked for the admin password.
Eclipse CDT and Code::Blocks, for example.
I tried Code::Blocks and it didnt work, and i dont know how to make the eclipse CDT thing work :/
i just need an IDE that doesnt need need admin permission to download and install
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You could go the "purist" route and just use a compiler and linker with out the IDE. I wouldn't normally recommend it for a beginner but it sounds like your hands are tied. Besides you can script most of the redundant linking stuff to make things easier.

On another vein of thinking Laptops are pretty cheap these days.
i have a laptop, but i have a tendency to drop my backpack when i sit down, so i dont bring it to school.

And i just got the MinGW thing but i dont know how to use it.
Just use an online coding site like No intallations required. Just a browser.

But granted: You can only mess around with console stuff. If you want Windows GUI programming this is not for you.
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Try code::blocks nightly builds. I use to save it on my flash drive to code on the go and use Mingw compiler with it.

I don't do it now though, I hate coding now :p

i've tried minGW a bunch of times but i have no idea how to make it work.


Oh hey i think i got minGW working :) but i dont know how to use it. :/
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Here's how to use it. If you want more, just google GCC tutorial.

I prefer to use code::blocks handle mingw commands for me. To do that (in code::blocks) just go to Settings -> Compiler -> Toolchain Executables. From there, just change the value of Compiler's Installation Directory. Example C:\MinGW

Good luck!

By the way, you might also like to try Code::Blocks Nightly builds. It does not require admin privileges or installation.,20.0.html

Again good luck!!
i cant open that website at school >< is there a direct download link?
Download portable verion of codeblocks from home and install into your usb stick. (assuming you are allowed to use usb devices)
ya we can use em, but now i gotta wait till monday >< i got Notepad++ portable, and it has the syntax highliting thing but i cant compile
I'm not exactly an expert on this subject, but you can do it through the command prompt (presuming you have installed it, modified the PATH variable and whatnot)

Look at this little tutorial:

If you want a completely exhaustive reference on what g++ can do type this at the command prompt
man g++
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