Is radiobutton in WTL library

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I do not understant why there is no any control about Radio button in WTL library , maybe I need rewrite it wholy , i fact , I want to disable a radio button , and then look like a gray button , but I can't find any method to do , so any one can help me ? thanks in advance
You received your answer on codeproject. To only look like button is disabled, but continue to receive mouse and keyboard input, then you must go to owner drawn route.
Your message is a bit confusing.

A disabled radio button should be as well as look disabled. It sounds like you don't want to follow the Windows UX idiom.

The response from barneyman to your equivalent query in the forum

from the enclosing dialog


should do it

WTL is about making windows calls closer to the OS, and removing all the complexity and chaff that MFC adds

sounds right to me.

But I don't understand what you want to do. "and then look like a gray button" does not really make sense!

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THank you all reply, I got , forgive me poor English , soetimes I can't express me clearly , in fact ,I am not native English
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