Practice Scenarios

Does any one know where i can find beginner to intermediate c++ problems/ codes to edit for free?
C++ text books often have beginner/intermediate problems at the end of each chapter.

And there's the usual stuff like:
1. Write a program that reads 10 names and writes them out to a file, names.txt, in alphabetic order.
2. Write a program that calculates PI to 4 decimal places using the Monte Carlo method.
yeah see i have the text book i'm looking mainly for something more out side of mathematical and practical workplace problems, i would like to kind of do something outside the scope of what i usually do, i should have probably specified that originally. I'm trying to bring my skill from intermediate to high. Thanks for the feed back though, would you know of anything that would be outside of textbook learning that would be good practice?
think of any program you would like to create and do it. Simple as that.

It all depends on what specialization is you goal.
If it is network, create ftp server/client, messenger, pop3 client or simple HTTP 1.0 server with file structure recognition, and so on.

Aim for something challenging, because if there is more problems to solve, higher you will improve.
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