Updating window with live info

I am using c++ Visual Studio Express and have written an application that allows a user to enter a value which updates a register in a chip. The register write is done via USB to the chip on a local PCB. I also have written some code to monitor the value of a different chip register in real time. However, I have noticed that the window only updates when a button on it is clicked or when scrolling across it.

Is there a way to get the window to update it's text display? Every second will do.

Thanks in advance for your help.
It looks like the Windows is being updated, but not being painted. You can force a redraw with InvalidateRect. You probably should call it after you've updated the field.
Since you are monitoring a hardware variable, I guess there's no trigger and you simply want to poll the value every second. I'd say you need a timer. Use SetTimer() to set up a one-second timer. As kbw says, it might be important to InvalidateRect(). Depends on the method of display. If it is a Windows control, it should not be needed. Maybe all you need is the timer.
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