exit event x button

how am i to save a list class using this isee no way to pass the class object or make the handler a member of the class i also can seem to find where the handler returns to also dtors dont hit on x button exits

BOOL WINAPI ConsoleHandler(DWORD CEvent)

ofstream o;

cout<<"program exit detected ";

//save list
//class object

return 1;

void main()

//list l;
if (SetConsoleCtrlHandler( (PHANDLER_ROUTINE)ConsoleHandler,TRUE)==FALSE)
// unable to install handler...
// display message to the user
printf("Unable to install handler!\n")


//click x button
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Sorry that I am a bit late in seeing this. You are already setting the Callback with the "SetConsoleCtrlHandler()" function and passing it a pointer to the function you wrote. This basically makes your function a member of the class for the console window. This function won't return to your program, it's for handling Windows Messages that are sent to the console.
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