Guys, I have no experience in C++
I just want to learn and develop single (.exe) application, with windows, buttons, listboxes,etc.

What would be the best IDE and why?
I have research and I found the follow below:

4)Microsoft VC++

I lot of people don't like Microsoft VC++ is there any special reason?
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1) Too old. The compiler hasn't been updated since Moses' last birthday
2) A good IDE. Its simple GUI, multi-compiler support, and code-completion is enough to win over most beginners

3) Never used it
4) Its 'alrate. The interface is a little intimidating for beginners, and the fact that it can only support 1 compiler is a downer. IntelliSense is pretty good, but not perfect. Definitely not recommended for beginners

A botched review, but it's straight to the point I guess :)

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Framework, Thank you !

BTW, Answer #1 was very funny... and I like it.

So you suggest the rank would be:

1) MVC++
2) Code::Blocks
3) NetBeans
4) DEv-C++
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That's about right.

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