Variable "Choice" is Being Used Without Being Initialized

I am making a Sherlock Holmes text based game in Visual Studio 2012 RC. I have made an integer called choice. When the user presses 1 the game starts, when the user presses 2 he gets taken to Help Menu. When the user presses 3 he gets taken to contact info. But when I debugged it, it said "The Variable Choice is Being Used Without Being Initialized" and it also says that do I want to break it. And what does Break even mean? I am a bit of a beginner.


PS. I will post the source code in maybe 20 mins to half an hour.
Sorry but the Source is getting a bit late. 45 more mins. Sorry.
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It has worked. Sorry for bothering you...hehehe
Next time please post in the correct category , since this doesn't have anything to do with Win programming :)
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