Breaking a Process

I'm having trouble finding the information for setting, controlling and closing breakpoints in external processes, can someone point me to a good reference.

The reason I need this is because I'm programming a general purpose hacking tool who's main purpose for most will be for cheating and I read somewhere that breakpoints are a way to do it and are more difficult for games to defend against.

The current method I'm using makes use of Read/WriteProcessMemory and in the new version I'm making I'd like to enable breakpoint usage.
You should use SuspendThread() / ResumeThread() to suspend all threads in external process, even Visual Studio debugger do it this way.

Be warned that deadlocks and other issues can occur though.

An example tool can be found here:
Thanx, I'm taking a look now.
Thanx, I also need to know how to attach a DLL or something to allow me to capture pointers even if it's done via addresses - this is vital for the more difficult programs.
Do you know of any tutorials/references for inter-process communication that goes as far as Win98? All I can find is stuff for as far as WinXP.
Sockets, shared memory, named pipes, etc. It should work in win98 too.
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