How to read a file from different machine on a network using its IP address

Hi All,

Can any one help me how to read a file from different machine on a network.
I have only IP address of other machine as input.the machine which is required to connect may have WindowXP or Linux installed as OS. At a time only machine will be connected whose IP address will be passed.And the machine which will read the file having WindowXP as OS.
This is a networking question. Not a C++ question.
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Well, if the file is on a share, all you need to do is open the file via its UNC path: "\\\sharename\dir1\dir2\file.txt" or whatever (escaping all those backslashes in the string literal, of course).

If the file isn't inside some shared director, there's no way. There has to be something acting as a file server in order to read a file remotely.
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