C++ and utf-8 and win32

I'm new to win32 but I've programmed a lot in c++.
I want to use Persian letters in my win32 application.
like this one:
but when i compile and run the application, i get some strange things.
what should I do?
Use Unicode compilation mode, win32 uses UTF16 internally anyway. If this is a console application beware that is very hard to output non ASCII to a console, no problem if your app is a GUI one.
it's gui
What IDE are you using ? Visual Studio uses Unicode by default, others needs to add UNICODE and _UNICODE as prepocessor definitions.
thanks, i will test that
thanks solved

but i add 'L' before all of my char* and changed them to WCHAR, is it okay?

and now in writing to file, how should i use that?
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