Share load across LAN

Hi to everyone. I am trying to create a system, but I will need some help and pointers on how to implement it. Here is the situation. I have two computers connected to a local area connection. One computer has a lot of power while the other is a bit on the slow side. The slow computer stays idle 80% of the time. I use the powerful computer for gaming. But the computer has become old and unable to play the newer games. Because currently I don't have money to spare on new parts I want to use my old computer to help out.

Lets say the power computer is running a server. The server monitors threads on the processor and when the processor load reaches a certain percentage it sends a message to the old computer (the client) to start a new thread and execute the code running in the thread of the new computer after which returns the results. Basically share load between processors. How do you think this can be achieved? I will be expecting a reply.
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