right click system menu

When my edit control shows, text is loaded, I right click and another menu appears that I cannot find where it came from, or figure out how to get any messages from this menu. This menu has "undo, cut,paste, etc". The "MainWndProc" in my code does not get any messages once this menu is showing.
I have tried
and other code I could find from the net.
If someone could show me how to prohibit this menu so I can user my own, or get me a link that shows how to use this menu.
That menu is standard from the EDIT control. I am thinking you can only prevent it by subclassing the control and intercepting the WM_CONTEXTMENU message, but feel free to Google/Bing about this message to see if there's a simpler way.
Changing the edit control to a listbox prohibits any right click menus.

I am thinking normal WINAPI functions do not work because I am using freeglut in the main window. I have tried setting focus and numerous other stuff to get messages from the listbox or editbox controls. I tried the subclassing,etc with no success. I would like to try calling a windows forms app from my win32 app. A filename will be passed to this windows form for editing and this windows form will inform my win32 app the file has been changed and its time to update. Any links to get me started?
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