Windows portable device (WPD) help needed

I need to access and transfer files from a WPD. I have the windows driver kit, but really need to access the device(s) from the loaded drivers, rather than writing another driver as the existing driver is used by another program. The programs will not run together. The wpdinfo.exe (Win DDK) tool does this well but I cannot find a source or documentation on how it does it. The loaded device drivers are WPDMtpDR.dll, winusb.sys, WUDFRd.sys, WpdMtp.dll, WpdMtpUS.dll.

I am trying to find some documentation for the above drivers/dll's, and if possible some examples of there use. Specifically, my program needs to identify each device and return a filelist from which files can then be transferred.

With a mouse I can simply select the device from my computer, click through to the correct directory and then copy the files to a window folder. It seems quite trivial to do by hand but is looking very difficult programmatically. Because the devices are identical in description, whilst having different serial numbers (WPD_DEVICE_SERIAL_NUMBER F2D .. 5FFC5 VT_LPSTR READ
) even the selection of the correct device means I have to dive into this.

Any help or sources of information much appreciated.

Best Regards

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