Adding the Publisher to the manifest file in VS2010

I wrote a Win32 application in VS2010.

When I run the .exe in windows 7 I get: "The publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to run this software?".

I know this has something to do with manifest files, but I'm not great at interfacing with those just yet. Could someone point me to a good resource so I can read about this?

Even better: Does anyone know a #pragma command that will help me do this? I'm already using some pragma stuff to interface with the manifest file to disable the Win95 looks and use the current windows theme.
Oh wow. Another 30 minutes on Google directed me right back to this thread!

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Please post here full content of your #pragma directive, as well as any manifest resources that you are using.

Even better, post a link to the binary executable.
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