Key Press Event

Im looking for a keypress event that will fire regardless of whether the application is selected, I have an application that is running at the same time as a game that needs to detect the text entered into the chat box without adding hooks into the game.
I guess you want to enable chat during a gameplay, right ?

Well let's say In AOE - we do it by pressing enter
In CS - We do it by pressing "U"

So you can also do something like that, on event of some special key, make appearance of textEditor and let user right and send to the connected clients or as per your needs ....

But still you be specific at your need for what you want to do here... That can let us help you in better way.
actually i was planning on using special commands to add/remove people from groups and manage a form of "dkp" a currency in the game that is not managed by the game itself.

/epgp add Dr'Farnsworth
/epgp add Masterskrappy //adding players here
/epgp add Breskerd

/epgp award 10

/epgp set instance Karagga's Palace
/epgp set mode HM
/epgp get Main Hand ms
178 <--- entered into chat via paste
/epgp awardgp Breskerd 178

^ that is what would be entered into chat in the game, i would want to detect it without having a quickly repeating while loop detecting key presses, so an actual event that is not dependant on the application being the currently selected app
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