A few questions...

Heya there,

I have a few questions rather than 1 specific question.

How would I be able to grab the values from a textbox in a windows app in Dev C++?

How would I be able to draw stuff within the window in Dev C++?

I can't seem to find any tutorials on it.
Use GetWindowText() api using texbox window handle or send WM_GETTEXT message directly.
To draw see GDI or GDI+ functions documentation in MSDN.
I am mainly confused about how to actually do it though.
I guess what you are seeking for is right GUI implementation toolkit.

Currently you are going on with default provided with devC++, that is MFC and ATL oriented(Sorry if i am not right here but i thought so) .... So your best guide is microsoft's MSDN library. We hope tat You will find good documentation for window's GUI toolkits.

What you can go for is either Qt or Juce or WxWidget kind of easy to develop GUI toolkits with C++, and it is also easy to configure all of them in DevC++ (To use these libraries)
why don't u type win32 GDI tutorial in google?
there are tons of tutorials out there
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