Adding a Combobox?

Heya there,

I have been looking and following through this tutorial. However I cannot work out how to do the stuff in steps 1 and 2 in the "Creating a Combobox" section.

I am using Dev C++.
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I really hope you're using wxDev-C++ or Orwell Dev-C++. Anyway this would be File -> New -> Project, then select "Windows Application". Then save your project to it's own folder with whatever name and this should bring you to about step 10. Then to add another file go to File -> New -> Source File, save it as whatever.h. Step 15 is File -> New -> Resource File... I think you get the picture.
I have gotten rid of Dev C++ in favour of Visual Studio.

However I am trying to follow along with the tutorials (as in make the resource files etc) but it always gives me errors when I tried to do it.
OK, what steps are you getting errors on and what are the errors? That tutorial isn't terribly complicated we should be able to help you through it.
I have kind of forgot about the combobox for now, as this is now troubling me...
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