Exe button command to open another exe file

Hi, I will mention I am using Visual Studio C++ Express 2010 as my IDE on a 64 bit computer.

I'm still new to c++ about 2 weeks in so when you explain please explain as if I were a caveman. Including what to put as the Include because that is still confusing me.

What I need help on is I made a Windows Form Application for a game I'm in the process of making, this form is going to be the window that holds the Play button which is button1 on my application code. Now I made another Windows Form Application which is a entirely different window which is where the game will be played at. What I need to happen is I need it so when I press the Play button it brings up the second window I had created that hold the game. This is what I have tried but have had no luck.

#include <iostream>
using namespace System::

int main()
button->Click += gcnew System::EventHandler(this, &Cplus::Form1::button_DoClick);
private: System::Void button_DoClick(System::Object^ sender, System::EventArgs^ e)
MessageBox::Show("Button Clicked");
if ("Button Clicked") = true
true = Start ("Phil the Polar Bear Framework.exe") //this is the second window mentioned above

If you can help its much appreciated.
Hi ! Welcome to the wonderful world of C++ !!!
Since no one else has chimed in yet I'll just say to take a look at this tutorial. It has source code too. If I were u I would retype the source code in this tutorial a few times as an exercise. That should answer a lot of early questions u might have...
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