Unmanaged C++ TcpListener/Client

Ive written a C++ Tcp Client and Server in managed CLI but the concept of CLI disgusts me as the power of C++ was in its unmanaged state, it was even discontinued by microsoft i believe for this reason, any i digress.

Im looking to write a similar setup to create a port server to listen for various protocols over their respective ports and im wondering if theirs an unmanaged way of controlling tcp/ip ports or if i have to rely on the old c libraries; tcpip.h etc and use WMAStartup start the socket listeners and listen using WinSock.

Im not a noob, but at the same time not a professional(yet) so bare with me :)
You should be using the 'winsock2.h' and 'ws2tcpip.h' header files for a modern app. You would use "WSAStartup()" to initialize the winsock library. The tutorials on MSDN are pretty easy to follow if you have the time: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ms740632(v=vs.85).aspx
Thanks man, i have tried using winsock2 and ws3tcpip in unmanaged, but havent really had a chance to explore the native stuff fully, i did eventually succedd in getting the CLI stuff working, and now have a new hatred for CLI and microsofts devil creation, ill stick with native methinks

Thanks again
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