Writing API in C++ for EE Project.

I need to write a program in API (i think) it needs to:
1) choose a window I will have open named "Objects Tree"
2) left click a certain place and then have a keyboard event 'e' key
3) this will open a new window "Edit Mode Source (Mode has not been selected)"
4) another 3 clicks.
5) A third (and final) window will be opened, looking like this. Now at the start of this whole process I will be given a value for n (refractive index). I need to compare the given value of n to the mode list and choose the mode with "effective index" closest to the given value.
*I am unsure if API can even get text from a window and convert it to a number and then compare it to my given value.
6) once the correct mode is chosen just one more click so Select the mode and we are done.

So my questions to you Windows gods is: possible? ideas where to start? is this even the correct forum?

thanks, a struggling electrical engineer.
(i think)


Yes this is the right place but if you could start so we would help, that would be better.
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