WinSock Server; send HTML

I'm very familiar with C++, but I have little knowledge of HTML, so I apologize if my question seems trivial (and yes, I've googled it fairly extensively).

So I have a multi client server running with WinSock2. What I'm trying to do is simply send some HTML code back to the connected client.

I connect to the server with firefox via the loopback address ( and receive the GET request (GET / HTTP/1.1) along with the rest of the info (user-agent, connection type, etc.). I successfully send information back and close the socket, but in my client window, the HTML tags are disregarded; for example, if I send "<html><marquee>test</marquee></html>", the entire line, including the tags (<html><marquee>test</marquee></html>) will be shown.

I've tried sending "HTTP/1.1 200 OK" and two CRLF's before and after the response. When I view the source in my client (Firefox, it's blank. What is required for the client to read the response as HTML?

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