running two VS2010 with the same project ?

Hey All :),

Just a quick one today and hopefully a easy one :P. I have one VS 2010 running my app on release in remote debugger. APP is on another computer and my PC launched it with remote debugger.

Now as that is ticking away so I can monitor it is It possible to run the same project in another VS 2010, but I am looking to run it local in Debug.

The message I get when I try is "Found a suitable location for browsing database etc" when I try and open the same project.
Not that I have any experience in this oddly specific scenario, but if you're just running the binary executable you should be fine. Otherwise I have no doubt that MSVS will want an exclusive lock on the source code file involved in a project, those would be the last thing you would want to run into a sync error with.
Pretty much all advanced users of VS2010 (and if you're doing remote debugging that's probably you or someone near you), may want to take note.

What it's talking about is the Intellisense database. You can change these settings by reading this article:


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