Learning C++ windows programming

I am new to windows programming and I would like to develop some windows applications thru visual C++ 2010. What is a good book or books that would help me learn the foundation classes and windows programming. I have searched amazon for books but none emphasize on visual C++ 2010 and the up to date foundation classes. If you are not aware of any books whats a good starting point to learn windows programming using visual c++ 2010.
That's because MFC isn't really being actively enhanced anymore. Almost all of Microsoft's focus is currently on managed code (.NET stuff), which specifically excludes MFC.

I have a lot of experience with MFC and native C++ and there is still a place for it (and that's currently Microsoft's stance as well), but the learning curve is steep and the development times are much longer. The performance smokes, though.

Realize that you're asking to learn 3 separate, very complex technologies: C++, Windows programming, and MFC.

But, before you go spending money on books, try out something like www.learncpp.com which, while a bit dated, will get you started. Once you get started then you will begin to have specific questions. But, it tells you how to install an IDE and get all set up.

Once you get up and running, you can begin learning the language. The tutorial will walk you through the concepts and is, all in all, pretty good, I think.

And, as always, we're here to help, as well. So, you're not alone.

Good luck!

Are you already experienced at C or C++, or are you starting from the beginning at everything? If the latter, its going to be a long climb, as Xenphibian said. If you already know C++ coding and want to produce native code apps for Windows, then you'll have to get older MFC books if that's what you want to learn. All or most of the SDK/Api books are old too. Most folks nowadays seem to go in for the cross platform toolkits that allow more or less the same codebase to be compiled for Windows or Linux.
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