Where can one get Network books

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Hey i am an networking guy. i Have a bit of experience in socket programming but i am slowly losing the learning resources but i also cannot buy book over £30 as i cannot afford it or would some one please tech me for free network programming OR please give very good links in how to create an raw socket as i am slowly learning Raw socket programming. Please thanks in advance
Do you have a local library?
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Yes but when i scearched nothing is there about it
naraku where do you live? I would love to live near a library with programming resources, instead of books about the life of king henry the 6th or 8th or whatever :'/

there is quite a bit of information available online and on videos, if you want a book you will have to buy one, or look for an eBook version and then, well, you know, perform illegalities to obtain it.
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Yes but can any one paste links of books or videos of network programming as i really want to learn that. Thanks in advance.
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Thanks Zephilinox i am using it right now thumbs up for this.
No problem ^^
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