looking for help with direct input

I am using visual c++ 8 express edition, and I am looking for some executeable code that will let me set background exclusive keyboard access for data style immediate and data style buffered.

The sample I am using claims that it does not allow this because of "security reasons." What does this mean also?

I really want to use a sample that I can set and check interactions with my code.

Difficult, ?

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I'm guessing that you are trying to get as close to the keyboard as possible so that key inputs are not intecepted by any other application, am I right?

Normally applications get keystrokes directly from OS. The closest that you can get to windows is using Win32. If you have an edit-box selected, then keyboard inputs will go directly to the edit-boxes WndProc.

If you want to get closer to the keyboard so that even your OS doesn't read it as a keyboard, you'll need to create your own driver for the keyboard. This has the disadvantage that your client can only use keyboards supported by your driver.
How do I explain...the application I wrote has the keyboard cooperation level set at foreground non exclusive. I am wondering if another application set at background exclusive/non exclusive will my foreground application recieve input as well as the background does if it is polling? SO that really I believe they will both take input from the keyboard: the same input and when background aplication shuts down my application will keep recieving input keyboard too.

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