hi all

im from iran .

iran starting filter web site . and block port and protocols

help me i want create program to server side and client side pass this filter

change protocol maybe :(

like this

plz 1 way to pass this hell think .
sorry man. i really am, but thats illegal.
this illegal ? :)) why ? i cant get out of country .

then we cant use internet clean ? no filter ? u are fascism man .

There are many proxies around there. Without an unrestricted external web server you can't accomplish anything.
yes but not When block ports or protocols . like http - https . how knows next port or protokol What is ? :|
its not illegal here in america but in iran it is. and im not facist
If http is blocked how do you access this site ???
dear ( Aramil of Elixia ) yes in iran illegal but in iran Human rights are violated . and hear no rule for copy wright . this is country no rule for Human rights :)) . i live to this country and u dont . i feel the push , but u dont . plz dont talk about illegal .

if u can help me . plz do that

i am sry for bad language , very very sry

yes http is block but i use vpn and proxy port 443 . is not blocked , not yet .

how know when block this port or another public way ?!

i need some way private . and government cant block my way .

I do not have much time .

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Try get an VPN or proxy
he is already using those cyberwarfare. can u try a (i believe it is called this) rotating ip address and disguise it to be american?
tnx .
like proxy socks or https ?

know i use this .
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