Why do I need Microsoft visual c++ rather than codeblocks

I have been programming in c++ for a year now and have just started getting into windows programming using the winapi. Everything has been going great but now in the tutorial I am following they are teaching me sprite animation and they want me to use Microsoft visual c++

I used vc++ at the beginning of programming but then switched to codeblocks because it seems that every time I try and use vc++ there are strange errors that have to do with a corrupted file. So my question is if I want to get into game development is it necessary to use the vc++ rather than codeblocks?
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its not. its just cause its microsoft
Visual Studio is only useful if you want to use the "Forms" or "MFC" GUI features that come with it. If you are just editing text files (.cpp, .h) then you don't need Visual Sudio. I'm not sure about resources. I think resources can be done easily in code::blocks, but if the tutorial shows you have to do things like make an icon, then the instructions will be specific to Visual Studio.
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I have Microsoft visual studios and trust me it is very good and HQ get it get it now. It is the best
If you want "game developmnent" then most likely Visual Studio is recommended, but not required

It is just that some Moicrosoft specific features are not available in MinGW compiler (you can use VS compiler from inside Code::Blocks in case you didn't know this already).
thanks for all the replies :) So, now that im using codeblocks, how would I get into the "additional dependencies"? I need to add one for the Microsoft Media Library. In visual studio it is under Solution->properties
I don't know the answer to the above because I am actually using visual studio. However, what you are looking for is simply linker properties. There WILL be an option under Code::blocks so that's good mood.
Project -> Build options -> Linker Settings and add your library there.
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People from the Unvanquished project use Cmake and Vim a lot of the time, even for windows.

You can use whatever you want as long as you understand how to use the underlying tools to create an environment of your own. I've never been satisfied by a default IDE such as C::B or VC++.
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The most games in xbox 360 are made using Visual studio game studios so that's why i have the template for xbox 360 games and it is brilliant so i suggest you get it that's why we have many game studios OpenGL, GDI,SFML (have to download) but apart from that also many games are made using that so get it
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