System Vs STD

I am thinking about getting more into c++ GUI and was wondering what the "norm" is. Specifically on using "old" c++ code. For example I have a lot of classes that can do stuff with std::strings should I rewrite those using System::String^ or convert them and pass them into my "old" c++?
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std::string is not old. The issue is that you are talking about two different languages.

std::string is C++
System::String is C++/CLI (despite the name, it is not C++, but is an entirely separate language).

If you are writing C++, use std::string.
If you are writing C++/CLI, you should probably stick with System::String
Ah! Okay, so there is no easy way to do GUI with C++ is there? Thinking similar to java GUI?
"easy" is a subjective term. There are certainly ways to do GUIs with C++. Visual Studio has a built-in drag and drop form designer, and there are toolkits for other widgetry libs like QT and wxWidgets.

But overall I'd say that C++ is not the best language for GUI design. It is on average more difficult and slower development than some other languages in that area.
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