Memory leak on multi-core

Morning all, this may be a silly problem so here goes.

I have a application installed on a single core 32 bit XP unit. And another on a win 7 64 bit dual core and hyper threaded to 4 unit.

Now the program has been coded for multi-threading. However on the XP unit runs fine no issues with losing memory, but on Win 7 it losses about 20% of memory after a few days(slowly losing it).

Just wondering if any one has any advise for me on this. Thank you in advance

P.S I am thinking it could be something to do with locking and unlocking etc
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Visual C++ has some heap diagnostics. I can't remember how to use them off hand, but the idea is you initialise it at the start of your program, run the program, then dump some info at the end. It tells you the allocation number and the line of code that made the allocation. It really is quite good.

I used it last to track down a memory leak that turned out to be in a COM Factory in some component we didn't own.

It's also included by MFC to generate the memory leak trace at the end of a run.

It's only available in a debug build.

EDIT: Found it.
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