VS and Eclipse software confusion

I'm a beginner, I only learned some C++.
In the Visual studio, there are so many project types, like MFC, CLR, Win32,ATl, I 'm afraid so many thing, are those project have some common things, because I thought they're so different,difficult. Do I need to learn them all? Or some of them?

Eclipse have so many IDEs, like C++, Java, Mobile, if(Can) I put the all in one folder, can I use eclipse to create different project?

If I want to write windows program, can I use eclipse?

Eclipse have so many good things ,like auto type {}, (), "", like when you create a header file, it auto add the #ifndef, #endif thing, it's so convenient, I like it so much, but in VS, I found these things are gone, can I found these good thing in vs again?
Visual Studio has plugins for code completion, syntax highlighting (much better than Eclipse), but not for free:
Visual Assist X from http://www.wholetomato.com/ is the best one of them.
I'm a beginner of C++ also.

The best advice that I can offer, due to my lack of knowledge, is get good at programming. The last thing you want to do is juggle between several different IDE's and waste time on preferences. You'll eventually get a chance to use them all, if you're serious about becoming a programmer. Visual Studio is very easy to use for me. There has never been any difficulty using it. Whereas in IDE's like Eclipse, there's a lot of configuring to get things to work the way they would in VS. I can sit and write code all day in VS2012 with little or no debugging, but as soon as I use Eclipse, I'm constantly finding errors and debug issues.

Visual Studio also has pre-created templates for header files. When you goto create a header file, just right-click your project, select Add->New->Class. How much easier can it be? You set a name for the class, it'll even create the Destructor so you don't have to.

It doesn't use #ifndef #endif however, there's a better way of doing that, MSVC actually uses #pragma once in the preprocessor directives, so you can essentially replace 3 lines of code with 1. This is compatible with most all compilers now also, even compilers like gcc.

Eclipse is compatible with Windows.

Just use the one you're most comfortable with. I've had a lot of headaches, and issues using every other compilers other than MSVC, but your experiences will not be the same as mine.
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#pragma once , thanks a lotjavascript:editbox1.editPreview()
Don't get hung up on comparing tools (VS/Eclipse, Vi/Emacs ...), just learn enough about them to do what you need. It's easy to get carries away with becoming an expert in one at the expense of finishing your work.

#pragma once isn't better than #ifndef/#endif, and as I recall was deprecated by GCC nearly 10 years ago. However, it is more convenient when it works.
hi, kbw.
Why #pragma once was deprecated?
and when can I use it? when can't I use it?

When I learn enough knowledge, Is this the time that I comparing different editor and compiler ?
According to Wikipedia, all modern compilers supports it:
Whether compilers support it or not isn't really the point.

There's a related thread here that answers why I think it's less that perfect.
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