I need to create a C++ GUI in 30 days, I have tried Qt but it is not so easy to learn since I have limited time. I have an intermediate understanding of c++ and have already solved some problems from an online judge. So if you guys know of any good C++ GUI creator that is easy to learn, please tell me.

Thanks ! :D
ResEdit will have a drag & drop interface to put controls onto a dialog. (or any resource editor)
Allegro 5.0.7 could be used for a GUI. It will basically take care of the drawing, all you really have to do is plot the coordinates.
Then you'd want to create some sort of grid in order tell where a user may or may not be interacting with.
Another idea would be to illustrate that grid for debugging purposes, but leave the option open to remove it when/if you've completed your task.
I've actually draw out a GUI then I got to the point where I discovered there's a lot more to creating a GUI than just drawing it. Like, creating an event driven program using event handlers.
Another idea, other than win32, would perhaps be wxWidgets. I'm not familiar with using it (as I've only been coding for 6 months). But from what I've read, it's great to create GUI's with. It runs off of win32, as suggested above, but it's also portable so you'd be able to port it over to Linux with little or no trouble at all.

I'd also like to reiterate that I'm at best a beginner programmer.
30 days (only 28 left at this point) isn't enough time to learn Win32, unless you are a professional level C/C++ programmer, and have worked with other GUI environments such as in *nix. You are going to have to go with some code generator product such as something in .NET or whatever.
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