Win32 Program with Controls

I can't find a C++ code anywhere that includes checkboxes, radio buttons, a menu bar, drop-down menus, textboxes, or anything like that. Can someone direct me to a place where I can actually see the code please? doesn't give his code like in the video, nor does any other youtube video. has a tutorial for Windows programming. Just note that the tutorial is OLD and assumes Visual Studio compiles ANSI builds by default. That has been changed and now Visual Studio compiles UNICODE builds by default.
What if I'm using CodeBlocks? Will C::B compile Win32 applications, or do I need a plugin to do that? Oh and, when I click "Build" in C::B, it does nothing.

EDIT: Changed GCC directory and it compiles now. And how do I rid the debug window when running?
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No idea. Your questions are related to how C::B is used and have no relation to C++ or Win32 programming, and I happen to only use Visual Studio. Hopefully there's a help file for your C::B program?
Okay back to the topic. Is there a code somewhere that includes all of those examples stated in OP?
Just go through the tutorial. It is progressive and you'll eventually be capable of developing something on your own. Is there code somewhere? Maybe, but that's more related to searching skills and patience than anything else.
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