MFC update single value/scolling

Hi, I'm using MFC...I implemented a View derived CScollView. In the view I show a matrix of values with DrawText. I need update only a single value in the view (real time value) so I don't use OnDraw...but a function that contain a value and coordinates of the rect. I have a small problem because if I scroll the view sometimes the cell isn't positionated in correct way...this is probabli because MFC work in multi thread. In my function indeed I canìt put GetScollPosition.

I write better the question:

I developed an application in C++/MFC. The main view show a matrix of data end basically for show this matrix I use OnDraw and the values are drowing by DrawText(value,rect...). The main view is derived CScrollView.

Untill here I haven't problems.

My application receive from other source a flow of real-time data, so when I get a new value I want update it and only it on the matrix.
So I send this value to a function in the class view...this function calculate the coordinate of the rect and call a DrawText. If I don't scrolling the view I haven't problems...but if I scroll the view...the rect somtime get a wrong position.

I think that the mean problem is that I can use in this function the GetScollPosition. Why? is because multithread? how I can solve it? ther's a better way for rela-time app?

thank you
thank u very much for your help...solution is InvalidateRect.
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