Getting a borderless console window. (WS_POPUP?)

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So what I'm trying to achieve is a borderless console window.
The simplest and most obvious thing I could think of was to use SetWindowLongPtr(hWnd, GWL_STYLE, WS_POPUP);, but it seems that it produces some weird glitches on the window. To me, it seems like like the borders on the window are somehow cached or something.
Using SetWindowPos() does not help.

I've tried using SetWindowRgn(), but it seems a bit hack-y, and I do believe that it won't work if the user has a different resolution from mine, or a different window size, etc.
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Make sure your CreateWindow() is set properly. Pay close attention to the dwStyle parameter.
Here is the documentation.
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I'm console programming, not GUI programming. I'm not actually creating te window itself.
Have you set UpdateWindow() after SetWindowLongPtr()?
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Just tried it. Doesn't change a thing.
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