Help with DataViewGrid

I'm trying to make a System::Form Data View Grid that looks something like this:

Specifically, there are values "reps", and this causes the entry to add rows. The next column displays the values in the reps.

Any ideas?
Is this tutorial any use?

Windows Controls: The Data Grid View

It looks pretty thorough to me, and is in C++/CL rather than the usual C#

Is this tutorial any use?

Not for this specifically, but I didn't realize functionX has a Net section. I liked the win32 tutorials, so this will help.

I am using c#, seems like that's what Vs2010 wants me to do.

Thanks again.
Well, if you want C# advise, you might want to ask on a more appropriate forum. This place is all about C++, which is why I pointed you at a C++/CLI reference. But even C++/CLI is outside of this sites primary focus.

Visual Studio can also create C++/CLI project for you. The Add New Project wizard refers to it as a CLR Windows Forms Application project.
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