Managing multicard net in a FTP client

Hallo to everybody,
I'm in a deep trouble. I'm developing a Gateway between two FTP servers. In the 1st server the gateway has to read only the files, while in the 2nd has to write and nothing else. A simple transporting data. While developing I've seen that my code cannot establish exactly the right network card to use. I know that the Operative System manages automatically the binding of the pool of network cards. I'm using MFC: do you think there a way to keep control on it?
Thank you in advance
The programs shouldn't have to discover this themselves. You should pass in the address/port at run time, probably thru a config file.

If you do that, you can specify the interface you want the programs to use. the programs just use the interface you specify and expect you provide something sensible.

So forget that INADDR_ANY business and bind to a named address.
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