The fastest method to create a WinAPI program


I discovered, a method that no need to spend too much your time to build a new Window. And more importantly, it just requires two code. Then your program is totally ready!!!!

To do this, a few steps everybody :

Step 1 : Create a dialog (Resource).
Remember the dialog Id. Build all controls for this dialog.
Step 2 : Build a new WinProc for this dialog. You may make only a new skin, and then, you may consider about messages handing and fancy stuff later.
Step 2 : Start your program instantly (using DialogBoxParam)
Step 3 : Handle all messages. Remember to close dialog (EndDialog).

Only a few tiny steps you'll get a new WinApi program. Simple? Fast? Convenient? What do you think?
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do you mean without need the WinMain function, only DldProc function?
I think dialog box programs stink.
It's even faster if you just call MessageBox().
I think dialog is important and useful, like some floating tool box in adobe photoshop, aren't dialog box(modeless)?
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