i need serious help!!!!!!

hello i need alot of help if anyone is willing my teacher just posted my final assignment. i dont understand it well im very confused its my first time programming this determines if i pass or fai. please help..this is the assignment please help me

Create a new empty console application titled “Blackjack”. The application you create will demonstrate your understanding of all the C++ material we have covered to date and some new material presented over the next 2 weeks.

You will create a simple Blackjack game that supports all the basic features of Blackjack. The game will be based on a single player playing against the computer. The computer will be the dealer. Standard Blackjack rules apply and in the event of a tie hand the dealer wins.

The code requirements for the project are as follows:

The game will use the rand and srand functions to generate the random values need in the game.

The playing card deck(s) used in the game are to be built as an array of objects based on a class that represents a single playing card.

This class must have a minimum of two data members; 1 for the suit and 1 for the card value.

All data members must be declared private.

The class must also have a constructor that has default values for the 2 required data members.

The card class must use get and set functions to access the data members

The card class should be created with both a header and a cpp file that are named appropriately. The only code and information in the card class header and cpp files should be code that is related directly to this object.

The code should include several functions created by the student that perform specific tasks related to the structure of their game.

The main function should only be used to call other functions. No other source code should exist in the main function except for individual function call(s).

At least 1 function must use a function template.

In addition to if and if else statements the code should include at least 2 switch statements.

The code must also include a game loop that controls the main flow of the game and several additional loops as required, see rubric for details.

The game will display graphical ASCII representations of the cards in play during the game and will display the back of a card that is not turned over.

The user input must be checked and only used if it is valid. Invalid input should be ignored or identified to the user.

You must create and use at least 1 global variable but you must not use more than 10 global variables (including arrays counted as a single variable) for the entire application.

You must create and use at least 1 #define statement.

You must create and use at least 1 typedef declaration.

The console window must display: Blackjack by Student Name where student name is the name of the student handing in this project.

The game will keep score

The player should have an option to quit prior to playing a hand

The game will ask for a user name and display the user’s name along with the current score during game play.

The game may continue to simply track the score or it may declare a winner at a certain threshold.

The high score will be saved to a file along with the players name at the end of the game or when the player quits. The high score file will be loaded at the start of the game and the name of the player and their score will be displayed at the start (minimum 3 seconds) or during the game.

The console window must use a different colour scheme than the standard black and white and the console window must be resized to fit your game. The console window must be resized so make sure your game uses a larger or smaller window.

The game must use sound provided by the FMOD sound object that is available for use in this project


The scoring will be based on bets of a given amount. Under this scenario the player will start with a fixed amount of money and will place bets based on a minimum and maximum betting scheme. The player should be given the option to change their bet before they play every hand.

If betting is used the player loses when they run out of money.

Optionally the player may also win when they have reached a certain threshold.

The game can be improved to support advanced features such as double down and insurance.

Use a separate header and cpp file(s) for some of your functions. You should group together functions that belong together.


Create a code comment function header for each of your functions and document your code appropriately. As always make sure you include the required CCP header information and use descriptive variable and function names.

Make sure to see the rubric for details on how this project will be marked

All work must be the original work of the student.

Due: End of the day on December 6, 2012

Maybe start by making a card class:
class Card
  int suit;
  int rank;
  Card(int suit, int rank) : suit(suit), rank(rank) {}

Then make a deck:
class Deck
  std::vector<Card> cards;
    for (int suit = 0; suit < 4; ++suit)
      for (int rank = 0; rank < 13; ++rank)
        cards.push_back( Card(suit, rank) );
  void shuffle() { std::random_shuffle(cards); }

And just expand until you have met all of the requirements.
thanks it helped now i am on the cards im trying to make the cards using ascii its not happening well but i think i can do it im using cout statements much easier but uglier
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