Transferring Dimensions from VC++ 2012 Express to Code::Blocks 10.05

I have trial-and-error'ed every aspect of my GUI in Code::Blocks to get the GUI looking right. When I try to transfer the dimensions to C::B from VC++, everything is all mixed up. How do I transfer dimensions from VC++ to C::B to make it easier to design a GUI? I know VC++ requires CLR to design a GUI by itself, so how do I transfer CLR dimensions to C::B?

I'm using WinAPI, nothing extra like Qt or so.
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Doesn't code blocks have a VC++-compiler. I thought it had.
It can have the compiler, but not the CLR GUI creator. Any more suggestions on how to transfer CLR GUI dimensions from VC++ to C::B dimensions? All I need to do is transfer a few buttons and checkboxes from VC++ CLR GUI creator to C::B bare-bone C++ code.
Code::Blocks does not support (at least I am not aware of) C++/CLI language (which is NOT C++).

It does support VS2010 in latest SVN version - this means you can compile vs2010 projects using vs2010 compiler tools (this requires only windows 7.1 sdk installed, not entire Visual Studio). By tweaking command-line switches you should be able to compile C++/CLI code from inside Code::Blocks.

If you want to stick with WinAPi and standard C++ code (writing code that can be compiled by any windows compiler) in a GUI fashion use a free resource editor like ResEdit:
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