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Complete the following programming tasks in a single Visual Studio solution. Each task should be contained within its own separate, appropriately-labelled project.
Your task is to create a program that will evaluate how well-matched a group of players are based on their respective skill levels. Each player will have a skill level ranging from 1 to 100, and the suitability of the match will be determined by testing the difference between the most skilled player's level and the least skilled player's level. Your program should begin by prompting the user for five integer values which represent the skill levels of each player in the game. It should then find the difference in skill between the best player and the worst player, and display this value to the screen. Finally, the program should perform an assessment of whether or not the match is "balanced" based on the following table and output the result.

Skill Difference Assessment
0 Perfectly Balanced
1 – 10 Balanced
11 – 99 Unbalanced

Note that you do not need to perform any input validation for this task (you may assume that the user always enters valid numbers between 1 and 100). Your program's output should match the following example.

Please enter the skill level of Player 1: 42
Please enter the skill level of Player 2: 39
Please enter the skill level of Player 3: 38
Please enter the skill level of Player 4: 44
Please enter the skill level of Player 5: 38

The skill level range for this match is 6.
Match is balanced.
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