a simple painting software

My course teacher assigned me a project of Painting software. I have only 3 days to finish it. I am using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 tools to do it. And I prefer to do this using C++ language.
Now I need help on:
>> what is requirement for this program
>> what library function I need to use (any tutorial link will be helpful)
>> I know, I can't use <graphics.h> in MVS tools. Now what can I do?

*** It is a simple program that will have some function like drawing line, circle, rectangle, coloring an selected area, erasing etc.
I don't have practiced any graphics program before. So
I need some idea also to start nicely.

Thank you.
Afsar Pervez
You can use GDI/GDI+. Handling your window's WM_PAINT message, declare a PAINTSTRUCT, call BeginPaint, use the 'hDC' member in your PAINTSTRUCT to draw things over your window (see DrawLine etc etc) and in the end call EndPaint.

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Thank you for your recommendation. I am starting GDI.
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