C++ HTTP POST alternative Libraries


i'm looking for a C++ (!) Library with wich i can send POST-Data (ONE String) to a Server and recieve one String back.

i know, that there are curl (with curlpp) and netlib etc. But i dont get curl with curlpp compiled... i dont know why. I can compile curl but curlpp just develops errors and the official curlpp site is down?!

netlib is not an alternative, becuase it need boost.

do you know a little library, maybe just a little class (hpp and cpp) which can send POST to a server adress?

additional Information: i want to compile it for windows only. sO maybe there is a windows library which i can use?

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Have you tried curl using libcurl?

Pretty easy to learn, in my opinion.

LibCURL isn't exactly Class-based, but it's still C++ valid and compilable code. All I can say is to try to stick with its interface, or build a class on top of the C-friendly interface, or say the errors/troubles you had with curlpp.
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