Hi, I am Subhamita.I am facing some problem in doing c programming. I am using Visual C 6 with windows 7 environment. After running 2000 iteration sucessesfully, an error message pop up saying the program stopped unexpectedly.
I can not understand the problem. Please help.
I think that it is that...what I'm pointing at...there!
naa, it's got to be the line underneath that....
could it be that Visual C 6 is not compatible with Windows 7. I mean visual C++ 2012 is out now and I believe it is version 11

Visual C is compat with Windows 7+
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You said 7+ so does it work on Windows-8
7+ means 7 and greater, 8 is greater than 7, so yes. It's highly unlikely to be a binary compat issue.
You've likely got an out of bounds array access problem, or a pointer error. Or maybe not.
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