Win32 Console pauses when horizontal scroll is used

Hello, I have a server application in which I use the console to output the packets that are being received and sent.

It works pretty good, however when I use any of the scrollbars of the console (to view older output or something that is out of the window range) the whole program seems to pause for the duration I'm using it.

That means it doesn't process any pending packets and is therefore a big problem for me.
So is there any way I can turn this behaviour off and if possible in such a way where the window position is automatically set to the latest output when I'm using the scroll bars (so I can browse through old output and new one gets added at the bottom).
This property is defined by the console (cmd.exe). To avoid this, you'd have to use your own program instead of the win32 console.

Another option is to output your messages to a log file. This is something that is more commonly done. Everytime you use std::endl or std::flush, the file will be re-saved.

Careful, if you don't check for sizes, your log files can get very big.
Too bad, I was hoping this property could be somehow modified.

Actually I already implemented a logfile saving, its just that I wanted to have the log in the console as well to immediatly see when something happens.
I also implemented timestamps for the log to retrace it but its just a lot easier and faster from the console window.

Anyway, thanks for the help.
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